Who's already here?

The Science Park is already home to over 80 companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to global R&D centres, representing an impressive array of technologies and sectors. When interviewed independently about why they chose TVSP, topline feedback was, they valued the flexibility of approach, the vibrant environment, supportive business spirit and ease in which they were able to develop relationships with others here. They recognised the strengths and opportunities of being linked to a world-class university - giving them the ability to recruit talent and explore ground-breaking ideas with our researchers. 

All existing and new facilities in the pipeline are being designed to create even more opportunities for new relationships and interactions as our spirited community starts to take shape.

Lein Applied Diagnostics

"It's geared up for companies which are changing very rapidly and therefore need facilities that underpin that change. So the flexibility, both in terms of time on the contract and in terms of taking on more space or less space, has worked really well for a company like ours."

Dan Daly, CEO

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Sage People (was Fairsail)

"It gives us a fantastic, modern, flexible space with Grade A facilities – which for a pure cloud firm is much more fitting than an old Victorian block. We've got parking on site, access to knowledge and expertise from the student body itself. 

There's a real buzz about the place – it gives that sense of life and purpose about the place and that's so much nicer than soulless office parks. 

We love being here, and by the way, we really want to be a founder tenant in the new Science Park development!"

Adam Hale, CEO

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"Come here for flexibility, no tie-ins and a fantastic community of similar minded people. 

It's a fantastic opportunity for a small company to come in here, not knowing what the future holds and how fast they can grow, and you get the freedom to grow and expand into other spaces, or even decrease the space if needed. 

From a business point of view, it definitely benefits us in terms of short leases and the flexibility that the University of Reading has shown us."

Peter Finnan, HR Manager

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Foundation SP

"Being located here has been a massive contributor to our workplace culture and that, in a nutshell, is the real value. You’ll get flexibility and a nice environment, clean and friendly, and people smile a lot, and there’s a nice community. But ultimately, we work hard on our workforce and workplace culture and this is a really big contributor to that."

Simon Grosse, CEO

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BioInteractions Ltd

"Due to the nature of our business, the access to analytical equipment and access to academics that we require to grow our business, to innovate, for us to do new things and develop new ideas, means that being involved in the University is invaluable."

Alan Rhodes, Senior Scientist, Manager, Medical Biomaterials, R&D

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Red Whale (GP Update)

"The introduction to the University departments is really important; so we’ve had introduction with the Business School, to Pharmacy and to other medical departments as well, which has been very, very useful for us"

Martin Haley, CEO

Good to know...

New Conference & Event Space...

If you are looking for contemporary, multi-functional space to host events, look no further.  Whether it's a small meeting or space to hold the annual conference, you'll discover a range of light and airy options at our new Gateway Building. If you are interested in booking, please download our brochure for more information.

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Innovation Catalyst...

Innovation catalyst is a new initiative created to support the next generation of Thames Valley entrepreneurial businesses and encourage new collaboration between entrepreneurs, academics with ideas and large companies seeking new solutions to innovation challenges. 

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Bus & Travel Services...

TVSP is connected by a new bus service directly to Reading, the University and Reading station.  Additional services run from the Station to Shinfield village, a short walk from the Park.  Buses are equipped with  air conditioning, Wi-Fi and charging facilities.

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